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ISE Taster Session - The Keys to Successful Trendspotting

Jul 2019
Time: 5:30pm
Kalkhoevestraat 30/4.1, ConXioN Experience Centre, Waregem, BE, 8790

Every future-oriented company is already preparing for the world of tomorrow. Everything starts with an open, critical look.

It would surprise where you can find valuable, relevant trends and inspiration.

This workshop will show you how to spot significant changes. You will learn how to set your ‘radar’ to find the best and most innovative sources of inspiration.

Who within the company brings in the new insights? How do you translate them towards your day-to-day business? Can they become experimental projects?

Trendwatcher Stefaan Vandist will explore all possibilities with you.

In two hours, you will discover :

  • Actual trends and routes to innovation

How do you structure your company around trends and innovation?

Where can you find valuable trends and inspiration?

What are the most important advances in business?

  • Effective and easy-adoptable innovation strategies

How do you translate trends fast and efficient into your core-business?

How does this give you flexibility and long-term vision?

  • Best practices

Chris Debyser, CEO, ConXion

Bart Maeyens, General Manager, Modular Lighting Instruments

Sven Ghyselinck, CEO, Devan



Intended for: SMEs in the West Flanders region


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