Digital & Creative Sector Cluster Event

Feb 2020
Time: 12:30pm

The ISE project are organising a Digital & Creative sector Cluster meeting in Lille from 12-13 February, to bring together cluster members to consider some joint working and collaboration activities with businesses from France, Belgium & the Netherlands which could be developed after the end of the ISE project.

Like many European cities, Lille is undergoing a period of transition. The 'Rive de la Haute DeOIe' (RHD) area in particular has been transformed in recent years with development set to continue for at least the next decade. With any transformation, a number of challenges arise that are also shared in cities such as Breda, Kortriik, Ghent and Canterbury.

Join this 2 day ISE Proiect event for Digital & Creative cluster companies to find out more about the 'RHD' area in Lille, and work with other creative companies on the potential opportunities of the area. Participants will be able to explore future cooperation potential for the ISE cluster, how you can work together and the added value offered by other companies.

Benefits of participating:

  • Work on a practical case study               
  • Understand the creative approach from other countries
  • Work in a group of international companies    
  • Learn from other companies' expertise           
  • Share your expertise with peers
  • Take home insights from international counterparts

The approach:

  • Imagine you were based in Lille, what would your company want to do?
  • How could you add value to the area?
  • If similar regeneration was to take place in your own town,
    how could you get involved and contribute your expertise?
Intended for: Companies from the ISE digital & creative cluster or those wishing to join