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Innovative Sector Exchange

Would you like to access new markets in Europe and apply innovation techniques to develop your business?
The ISE project can help you

What is ISE?

Innovative Sector Exchange is an EU-funded project which provides free innovation and internationalisation support to SMEs in parts of England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Connect and collaborate with companies and experts in nearby European partner regions.

Industry sectors



This includes food & drink producers, food processing, manufacturers, packaging, agricultural and bio-based companies and the supply chain.
Digital and Creative

Digital and Creative

This includes digital technology (telecommunications) and creative activities (media, digital content, augmented reality, virtual reality & publishing).
New materials

New Materials

This involves companies which create or could use innovative new materials such as bio-based polymers, smart textiles or 3D printed materials.


This includes electronics, engineering and manufacturing companies, smart industries and intelligent systems.
Other innovation

Other Innovation

ISE will also work with SMEs from other innovative sectors including businesses which don’t like to put themselves in a ‘sector box’.